8th Grade Advice

8th grade was a fun experience for me, and to make sure that happens for future 8th graders here is some advice.  8th grade will be the last year you will have before high school. So, make the best of it. In this grade, you will be able to do many activities to ensure that. There will be many debates, a fashion show, and ELD. (Educational Leadership Development). Also, a personal tip for 8th grade is to hold on to friendships, but also make new ones.

In the 8th grade, you will have many debates, that will allow you to share your personal opinion. A tip for debates is to not let the other side get under your skin. Just follow the rules of debate and you will be fine. The fashion show was also pretty fun, you will have the opportunity to show the creative skills that u have. A tip for the fashion show is to choose wisely. Choosing people who have the same quality is not going to help with the uniqueness of the outfit. Remember to have fun during that activity, because it gives you a chance to bond. ELD was an amazing experience that I am glad to have been a part of. ELD will give you the chance to bond with students younger than you. A tip for ELD is to get to know the scholars and bond, once you know it the year will be over. Also, try to get to know your ELD mentor. They are really cool. For example, my ELD mentor, Mr.Moss, was amazing. The mentors can also be inspirational. For example, Mr.Moss inspired me to one day become a teacher, but in the professor sense like in a college. That is after I believe I have finished my duty as a Mechanical Engineer. If you get to know the ELD instructor you will figure out that they can think like you, in some ways.

The personal tip, friendships. In the grade before high school relationships are important to build with friends. Also, manage to make new friendships. Hold on to these. Try to fix them if something goes bad. Do not just give up. Losing a friendship that is so important to you hurts, it breaks your heart. Problems will arise in these categories. Also, be genuine. A strong belief I have is that friendships will help you get through the hard times. That is important.

In the long run, make sure you do ur best during your 8th-grade year. You will have many responsibilities. Take the advice and have a great 8th-grade year.

100 Word Challenge #2

Randy, a zoologist, was in the middle of studying a new breed of goldfish. This particular fish was discovered off the coast of  Africa. The fish was brown, with eyes that popped out of its head. He planned a trip to sail to the coast of Africa, but when trying to climb the ladder he fell and hit his head. He felt terrible almost the whole trip. But when he arrived, and looked out the window, a bunch of the fish flew out of the water slowly. He studied the mysterious fish, and won a prestigious reward for his research.


100 Word Challenge #1

Daily News


 These three statues have been seen everywhere, and now they have been spotted in Singapore. There have been robberies in Hong Kong, Moscow, and many more countries. The criminals have been seen hiding in statues without facial features, hands, or a lower body. These statues have the M.O of moving place to place in each city the criminals rob. Many eyewitnesses have had the audacity to come out, and speak out on the situation. Mary Wells said, ” I was at a restaurant in Singapore when I saw three statues slowly moving on the sidewalk. I was flabbergasted.” So, watch out.

100WC – #13

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I, an Archaeologist and professor at the University of California, was out searching in an old cave in Baratang Island, India with my colleague Jon Turner. We were searching for artifacts in India to show our classes. We usually found many artifacts in caves around India, but this time we found many traps and tricks. we tried to escape the cave without getting hurt, retracing our steps along the way. Then we got to the front of the cave, and a tiger was blocking our escape. We tricked the tiger and got back to California as quick as we could.

100WC – Week 12

The Swedish Chef

The Hangout was a sandwich place in the town of Timber Hill that everyone there loved. Until, the found out the secret of restaurant. Jack Hunter an, amateur news reporter, caught the so called “cooks” heating up food in white microwaves. Since he was feeling energetic, he hurried into the kitchen with a camera, and caught every face in the kitchen. Then the camera battery died suddenly. The “chefs” started to laugh, but stopped once he whipped out his phone. After the commotion, he took the story to his boss. So, his award was the first story on the 6:00 news.

100WC week #9

Tony was a 14 year old boy that lived in Huntsville, Alabama. He currently lived with his grandparents because his parents weren’t to fond of his interest in paranormal activity. His grandparents didn’t mind much considering they had a large interest in the subject also. Tony loved exploring paranormal hot spots all over Huntsville, so, he went to the city marketplace. The marketplace was the most haunted place located in the city, but people still went there regardless because that is were they got their food for a reasonable price. After his experience, Tony dubbed the market the best place ever.

100 Word Challenge – Week #8

On July 27, 2017 Jamie Wilson  celebrated his 14th birthday in the Middleton forest. He wanted to have his party at the neighborhood swimming pool, but the lifeguards rebuffed his entry because the pool water was white.  And he would just have to come tomorrow. So, instead he had a bonfire in the Middleton forest with all his friends. The bonfire was very turbulent, almost every minute a flame flew out the fire.  Jamie almost got caught on fire because a flare came in his direction. They burned many items that they had. Jamie deemed the bonfire celebration his best birthday yet.

100 word challenge week #7

Forest Ranch, the scariest abandon town in the United states. A tourist attraction visited by many people. Many people have visited the abandon town of Forest Ranch, but they have never made it out alive. So, my friends and I went to the town at exactly 3:00 in the morning. We went to the most haunted building on the location. When we entered the front door it slammed shut. We all got scared, but we went on to explore the haunted house. Then another door randomly open. When the door open I knew, we weren’t going to make it out alive.

100 Word Challenge-Week #6


According to the Beta City Sheriff’s office there has been a few murders at Wonder Lake the past few weeks. They have neglected to tell the city about these murders because they didn’t want everyone to “panic.” According to Sheriff Peterson the reason the sheriff’s office told the citizens of Beta was because a resident of the lake found someone with their feet chopped off; and the feet where sticking out of the lake with boots covering them.  So, all citizens of Beta City watch out, and warn the authorities of any suspicious acts you might see.

Getting a commenting experience

This weeks student blogging challenge was to comment on 5 peoples blogs. Well , this weeks experience was really fun. I got to cruise many peoples blogs that were very interesting, and that I could relate to.

The first blog that I thought that I could add a comment on was a blog on McDowell Media by Austin. This blog caught my attention because it was about Friday the thirteenth. Specifically it was about the fear of the date. My comment was,”I really liked your blog post. It was very interesting to learn how the fear of Friday the thirteenth didn’t just come from the movie. Another part of the blog post that made it so interesting to me was that it was actual facts instead of just a theory behalf of yourself on why others fear this specific date. All and all, you did a great job on the post, so, keep up the great work.” I said this because it was super cool to learn something new, and it was about   something that I wasn’t expecting. In conclusion, it was a really amazing blog.

The second blog post that I visited was a bio-poem by someone named Mark. The post was the first bio poem that I ever seen. This was very relatable in some ways. My comment was,”Hello Mark I liked your post. It’s cool to hear that someone other that myself likes to give laughter to others, guidance, and teamwork. I also liked that I can relate to the funny , kind, energetic, and smart part. All and all, your poem was super interesting and relatable. Keep up the great work.” To conclude, This was a very good poem.

I also commented on another bio-poem by someone named Amber. This poem was also very interesting and also relatable and some ways. The comment was,”Hello Amber I really like your post. The part where you would like to see kindness in all continents was super cool; Go world Peace! All those fears that you mentioned are also very relatable. Seeing spiders make me jump (almost all bugs do), the thought of being stranded all by myself isn’t fun, and death I think pretty much says it for itself. I really liked your post, keep up the good work.” The blog post was good and very cool.

Another post that I read was a post by someone named Joseph. The post was named five things about me. My comment was,”The five things about yourself post was good. My favorite sports are also baseball and Hockey ( I don’t really get football). My favorite team for baseball is the Astros and my favorite hockey teams are the Toronto Maple Leafs and Pittsburgh Penguins. Anyway, I thought your post was great, keep up the good work.” I decided to choose this blog to post because it was one of the most relatable in the sports part.

The last post that I looked at was a post called The feeling of breaking a record by Brad. The comment was,”Your post was great. I would like to say that if you keep working hard, and you get the right encouragement you could be breaking records left and right. Well, great job keep up the good work.” I decided to choose this blog because it was very interesting to hear some on who broke a record, but hearing that the lost isn’t. Anyway I believe that could do great with the advice that a gave in my comment.

All and all, I really like this experiment on posting comments on others blogs. The experience gave me the confidence to type comments on other peoples posts. With that I will like to say that I have had a daring experience.



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